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360° Cyber Security

Digital Forensics Indonesia (DFI) delivers personalized and proactive 360° Cyber Security coverage for organizations and individuals seeking to maximize the availability, performance, and value of their Business Operations and Sustainability by improving their Cyber Resiliencies.

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Trusted Partner

DFI partners with Law Enforcement and Private Sectors, Organizations and Individuals to be your reliable partner and trusted advisor to effectively prevent and investigate Cyber Security Threats and Incidents.

Our Records

DFI has proven track record serving top clients in the Private Sectors, Law Enforcement and Investigation arena.

List of cases handled are available upon requests.

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To be the world class services provider, prominent leader and the most credible reference in the Cyber defense Industry.


Provide the best-in-class services and solutions for our customers and our stake-holders

We help to improve your security standards

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Active Preventive Protections

Identify Strategic Critical Assets

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