Digital Forensic Indonesia

Your prominent partner in digital forensics services, delivers personalized and proactive 360° cyber security coverage for organizations and individuals seeking to maximize the availability, performance, and value of their Business Operations and Sustainability.

DFI Values and Objectives

Our Services

Digital Forensics Services

Experiences shape our methodology in investigation, preserving digital evidence, analysis and examination to assist in any case

Expert Witness

Using any relevant digital forensics methodology to support any finding on digital evidences and assist clients in the court of law

Forensic Consultant

In depth technical consulting services, to cope computer-based fraud, information leakage and computer investigation cases

IT Security Services

Advanced threat intelligence to improve security system and provide technical insight to manage risk and protect against cyberattacks

Secure Communications

The fully encrypted mobile phone to protect from surveillance communication; monitor, intercept, collect, & preserve

Security Operations Center

Monitoring centre to combat complexity and spread of cyber threats, combining with highly skilled security analysts

Digital Forensic Indonesia

PT Digital Forensic Indonesia was originally founded as PT Jaringan Nusantara (JARNUS Digital Forensic) is a prominent player in the industry of Digital Forensic since 2006. Through our expertise experiences, our portfolio of services has ranged from a Digital evidence analysis to a Expert witness in the court of law.

Our lead consultant is Mr. Ruby Alamsyah. Ruby has over 21 years experience in IT infrastructure and Information Security. Now Ruby specializes in computer investigations, digital forensics, incident response and information security. He is an active member of High Technology Crime Investigator Association (HTCIA) and a recipient of SANS Lethal FORENSICATOR coin.

We provides in depth technical consulting services to companies facing computer based fraud, information leakage and in other computer investigation cases. Our knowledge of hardware, operating systems and applications has been crucial in cases involving litigation support, digital forensics and computer investigations.

Case References

Alda Murder (Artist) – Polres Jakarta Timur • Munir Murder (Activist) – Mabes Polri • Tax Fraud – Mabes Polri • Money Laundering – Mabes Polri • Piracy – Ditreskrimum Polda Metro • Kidnap – Ditreskrimum Polda Metro • Illegal logging – Mabes Polri + Polda Sumut • SMS Teror – Polda Papua • Murder – Polda Papua • Credit Card Fraud – Mabes Polri • Ketua DPRD Sumut Murder – Polwitabes Medan + Polda Sumut • Corruption – Ditreskrimum Polda Metro • Corporate Policy Braking – Indonesia-Japan Company • Expert witness from OC Kaligis Law firm • Narcotics – Dit Narkoba Polda Metro • Murder Case in Singapore – for David family • Credit Card Fraud – Indonesia National Bank • Nasrudin Murder – Ditreskrimum Polda Metro • Intellectual Property – Authorized For International Fashion Label Partner • Telecommunication Case – National Institutions and Agencies • Track down Indonesia Artist Porn Video Spreader – Mabes Polri • Gayus Tambunan case – fake Indonesia Passport case (Mabes Polri) • Gayus Tambunan case – expert witness for Hotma Sitompoel Law Firm • Online Forex Trading Fraud • Hacking – Cybercrime Unit, Polda Metro Jaya • Hacking – National Ministry • International Organized Crime (170 Chinese) – Polda Metro Jaya and Mabes Polri • Document Fraud @Immigration Office – Krimum Polda Metro Jaya – Keamanan Negara (Kamneg) • ATM Fraud – Ditreskrimum Polda Metro Jaya • Tax Fraud Case – Kejaksaan Agung RI • IT Supply Project Case – Direktorat Jenderal Pajak • Internal Fraud – National Media and Television Companies • Internal Fraud – Indonesia National Bank • SMS Fraud on GSM Operator – Kailimang & Ponto Law Firm • Internet Banking Fraud – Indonesia National Bank • Cyber-crime case – The Biggest Retail Company • Financial Fraud Case – Indonesia National Bank • Data leak and Internal fraud – Top Telecommunication Operators • Illegal cyber intrusion – Indonesia National Bank • SIM Swap fraud – Top Telecommunication Operators •
List of cases handled are available upon requests.

Digital Investigation &
Forensics Services

Drawing on experience from corporate investigations, Financial Services Industry, Military defence Industry, Law Enforcement, VIP persons and other government agencies. Our experience digital forensic investigations spans a broad range of cases. Including:

  • • Theft of confidential information
  • • Company and employee investigations
  • • Fraud, financial crime and other criminal acts
  • • Internet banking fraud
  • • Theft intellectual property
  • • Corporate policy braking
  • • Email business compromised
  • • Corruption and Tax fraud

Secure Private Communications

Security Hardened Operating System

Android OS with specific security customization.

Secured Text Messages

End-to-end Encryption for Text Messaging.

Secured Voice Call

Secure Phone Call within SPC users, using ZRTP and AES128 encryption algorithm.

Private Secure Browsing

Untraceable, stay anonymous while browse online.

Encrypted Email

Only real email address owner who can read the message and attachment.

Secured Chat

Both party have own Private and Public Key.

Expert Witness

Since 2006, We help Indonesian National Police on many cases as a digital forensic analyst and an expert witness in court. Our knowledge of hardware, operating systems and applications has been crucial in cases involving litigation support, digital forensics and computer investigations.

Our portfolio and experience in managing such case is our unique value proposition for our clients nationwide alongside our unique methodology, tools and the technology involved in the case resolution. These experiences shapes our methodology in preserving digital evidence, evidence analysis, reporting and up to the level where our expertise is used to assist clients in the courtroom.

We are a member of the Asia Pacific chapter of the High Tech Crime Investigation Association (HTCIA), that promoting information sharing and ethics within the computer forensics community (law enforcement and professional), which have headquarter in USA.
List of case experiences is in the Case References section.

Managed Services
Security Operation Center

Our Security Operations Centre (SOC) managed threat detection and incident response services within corporate networks, ranging from hackers and malware to employees who conscious or intentionally seek access to confidential information. Monitor logs, devices, cloud environments, and network for known and evolving advanced threats.

Continuously monitor 24/7/365 across on-premise (physical & virtual), cloud (public & private) and hybrid infrastructures, endpoints (remote & local), and software (local & SaaS).Using the latest threat intelligence, a team of dedicated security experts, best of breed security solutions, and automated response orchestration. Managed security with monitoring • Incident & event reporting • Vulnerability scanning at regular intervals • Analysis and triage of malware • Intrusion detection Services • Suspicious behavior • Network traffic patterns.

Security is a Journey, not a Destination

Security methods can’t just focus on detection and prevention but must also include the ability to mitigate the impact once an attacker gets in.