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PT Digital Forensic Indonesia was originally founded as PT Jaringan Nusantara (JARNUS Digital Forensic) by Mr. Ruby Alamsyah, a prominent player in the industry of Digital Forensic since 2006. Through our expertise experiences, our portfolio of services has ranged from a Digital evidence analysis to a Expert witness in the court of law.

Ruby has over 21 years experience in IT infrastructure and Information Security. Now Ruby specializes in computer investigations, digital forensics, and incident response and information security.

As Chief Executive Officer of Digital Forensic Indonesia, Ruby provides in depth technical consulting services to companies facing computer based fraud, information leakage and in other computer investigation cases. His knowledge of hardware, operating systems and applications has been crucial in cases involving litigation support, digital forensics and computer investigations.

Since 2006, Ruby helps Indonesian National Police on many cases as a digital forensic analyst and also as an expert witness in court. He is an active member of High Technology Crime Investigator Association (HTCIA) and a recipient of SANS Lethal FORENSICATOR coin.

DFI Lead Forensic Analyst and CEO

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Ruby Alamsyah

Lead Forensic Analyst and CEO

Has over 21 years of extensive experience in Information Technology industry with a wide range of roles and technology exposures.

Member of High Technology Crime Investigator Association (HTCIA); a non-profit organization promoting computer forensics community since 2008

Active member and supervisor board of Asosiasi Ilmu Forensik Indonesia (AIFI); a non-profit organization for multi-discipline of forensic sciences in Indonesia

A ‘Lethal FORENSICATOR’ coin holder from SANS Institute, USA. The coin is awarded to those who demonstrate exceptional talent, contributions, or helps to lead in digital forensic profession and community. Lead Digital Forensic in multiple cases in nationwide scale.